An Update From The Global Young Peoples Convocation

Aaron E..fw

This is an article from Aaron Eyachabbe who attended the Global Young Peoples Convocation that was held in the Philippines this summer:

My name is Aaron Eyachabbe, I am a Native American representative for the DMYP committee of the United Methodist church, and the south central jurisdiction of the United States.

This summer I went to the 2014 Global Young Peoples Convocation and Legislation Assembly. My experience there was exciting because it gave me the opportunity to go to another country. It was my first time to fly internationally and I have learned it takes a while. After I landed in Manila, one of the many regions in the Philippines, I met up with others who came for the convocation and we were driven to a retreat center in Tagaytay, another region in the Philippines. We only got to stay there for a single night because a typhoon hit and damaged the retreat center. The damage was too great to stay there any longer, so we had to find another location.

Fortunately we found a hotel back in Manila. But before we left the retreat center we had a prayer moment for the Filipino people and the conditions in which they have to live. After we prayed, we traveled to the new location and we started the convocation.