Meet the Team

teamThis is a team page without a sidebar. It works great as a intro page and will introduce your team with maximum visual flair.

Team page images like the ones below are added to the page via a shortcode manager. No shortcodes to remember, it’s all done for you with 3 easy clicks.

Because teams are inserted with shortcodes it can be added to any page any post, and any content type that will accept shortcodes.


  • Rev. Dr. David Wilson

    Rev. Wilson is a great leader for the OIMC. Having been raised in the OIMC he has a great knowledge of the conference, the general church as well as the administrative part of the church having served in all areas of the church.

  • Josephine Deere

    Josephine is always willing to go the extra mile in carrying out the responsibilities that come with the position. She is dedicated to the church and represents the OIMC with love and respect where ever she goes.

  • Bishop James "Jimmy" Nunn
    Bishop nunn 1

    Bishop Nunn brings with him a great knowledge of the church, excellent administrative skills and the love of ministry.

  • Linda Draper

    If a person needs to know anything about the administrative part of the conference, Linda will know or she will find out.

And because it is a short code that adds the team images, you can add content above or below the shortcode without any worries or difficulty.