Native American Children’s Fund


Summary: Helps provide school supplies and clothing for Native American children, graduation assistance for graduating Seniors and assist the churches with VBS supplies.. The annual financial asking for this project is $45,150.

Description: This project has a three-fold purpose. One, it is to help Native American students who are in elementary-high school with school expense.  Two, to assist graduating seniors of limited income families with graduation expense.  Three, it is to help churches with the expense of having Vacation Bible School as the majority of the chruches have very limited budgets.

Guidelines and applications are developed by the Council on Local Church Ministries. Grants are approved and disbursed at the beginning of the school year. Many Native American children and families live in low-income and poverty situations. A good education can be a means toward a more wholesome life. Assisting children with immediate needs may help to establish a stronger foundation for the future. Exposure, awareness, and involvement in a variety of church events are necessary to create interest and potential leadership for ministry in the church.

Project Goals:
  1. To provide suplemental grants for school-related needs of students in kindergarten through high school.
  2. To approve and disburse grants at the beginning of the school year.
  3. To disburse additional grants for graduating seniors.
  4. To assist churches with obtaining Vacation Bible School material and supplies as some would not be able to have a VBS if not for this assistance. Having a VBS helps in developing principled Christian leaders.
ASKING for 2012: $45,150.00
ASKING for2013: $45,150.00
ASKING for2014: $45,150.00
ASKING for 2011: $45,150.00

This General Advance Special was initiated in 1977-80 quadrennium. Its original purpose was to assist Indian children in the OIMC with their school needs. During the 1989-1992 quadrennium it was decided that the funds received would also be used for other needs related to the children and youh of the conference. The current goal and budget for this Advance Special is $45,150. It has been and continues to be well supported by individuals, local churches and conferences of The United Methodist Church.

For the school supplements, an elected conference committee sets up guidelines and an application process to be followed. Currently the funds are used to assist about 200 Indian students per year. The grade levels include kindergarten through the senior year in high school. Additional grant assistance is made available for graduating seniors. High school dropout rates and small numbers of persons completing high school. This fund is one part of that effort. It is a way for the Church to let the children and youth know that “someone cares.”

Recipients of these funds come from low income families. Some come from single parent families. Some are cared for by grandparents on fixed incomes. Many are affected by high unemployment, low educational levels or poor health conditions, including alcoholism, diabetes, heart conditions and strokes. The monies received are used for new school clothing, graduation assistance and VBS support.  The students must be active members in an OIMC local church. They must be enrolled in school and meet the income guidelines. A number of the youth are leaders in the district and conference youth program. Several have gone on to an institution of higher education.

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Make your check payable to your local church. Write “Native American Children’s Fund” and the Advance code number “583581” on the check. Drop your gift in any United Methodist church offering plate or give your gift to your church treasurer, so that your church and annual conference will get Advance credit.

By Mail:

Make your check payable to ADVANCE GCFA. Write “Native American Children’s Fund” and the Advance code number “583581” on the check. Send your check to:

Advance GCFA
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