Our Time To Be In Mission!

Lindsey Factor, Andrew Baer, Robin Williams,  Miko Wildcat and John Wilson repair homes  in Dulac, La.

For over fifty years the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference has been recipient of numerous Volunteer in Mission teams. Not only have these teams come to work, build, clean, repair but also to build lasting friendships. They not only shared their talents but shared in the culture of the OIMC whether in tribal singing or eating an Indian Taco. What a blessing these teams have been to the churches and the people of OIMC!

Now it is our time to be in mission! The conference began responding to the mission project at Dulac, Louisiana after the campus ministry team coordinated by Rev. David Wilson, Conference Superintendent, returned stating there was a great need for VIM teams in Dulac. Therefore, in the spring of 2009 a call went out from the Conference Council on Local Church Ministries that we, the OIMC, needed to respond and be in mission. The conference has responded since then by sending three teams to Dulac, Louisiana to work with the Houma Indians. One team went in the late summer of 2009 and two teams responded in 2010.

Colleen Argue when asked about her experience said “It meant that I could be in service to someone else and help wherever it was needed. It meant a fellowship with people I didn’t know and sharing the word of God.”

Rev. Michael Eddy states, “Our mission trip to Dulac was for sure a very memorable experience! We had an opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of the two families’ we served. I think they will always remember fondly what we accomplished in the Name of Jesus Christ! May God Bless Us All!”

The OIMC has been blessed to have a campus ministry that has laid the groundwork in being in mission. Rev. Wilson shares of his experience with the campus ministry team:

“Students representing the OIMC campus ministries have gone on a mission trip each spring for the past three years. It has been a great experience for the students and I am impressed with their willingness to give up their break to go and help others.

Dulac 10-11t.jpg
The Rev. July Tecumseh, the Rev. Michael Eddy and Colleen Argue help with hurricane clean up in Dulac, La.

This year we went to the Clinton Church and Community Center to help work on their building and to have afternoon activities with the children. We had a small group that went this year, but the students worked hard in helping to reorganize the building, clean and to liven up the building. I know the highlight of the students was the opportunity to interact with the children each afternoon. They made crafts, taught songs and had games each afternoon. The students also cooked and prepared the meal each night.

I was impressed with their desire to serve the children at this center and they were anxious to share of their love for Christ and for the Church. Our group was very talented and I also believe the children enjoyed their presence. It was also important for the children to see Native American students attending college. The students were good role models and inspired the children and parents who came on our last day there.”

Because of the desire to be in mission and to prepare our people to respond in other places a Volunteer in Mission Leader Training was held. It is through this training and future trainings that the people of OIMC will be in mission throughout other parts of the country; that we too will be able to share in not only in the cleaning, building, and repair but in lasting friendships. To share our love of God, what he is doing in and through us and build relationships.

“It was such a spiritual blessing,” said Fran Cady, “I didn’t realize when I signed up to be on this team how God was going to change my life – what a blessing!” These statements are what we continue to hear from VIM team participants.