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PARISH PARTNERS — Advance Special #583634

Many congregations in the OIMC cannot afford to pay their pastor’s minimum salary. The OIMC’s biggest need is to meet the local pastor salary and fringe benefit budget. The base annual salary for clergy in the OIMC is $25,426.Summary: Provides vitally needed pastoral support so that the conference can expand its ministry. The annual financial asking for this project is $200,000.

Description: Funds that come to this project is one source of support for pastoral leadership in OIMC. The other two main sources are local support and World Service. Monies received through the General Advance Special will be disbursed to pastors according to specified need so that a full salary will be provided from the sources of funding. Salary support for OIMC pastors remain very low in comparsion to other pastors across the church. In today’s economy the salary support is quite inadequate for the pastors to fulfill ministry and family needs. Giving to this project enables the church to be in partnership with the people and clergy leadership of the OIMC.Goal of the projectAn Advance gift through parish partners would assist the conference in supplementing pastor salaries.  These gifts will allow the pastors to focus on the business of reaching Native Americans for Christ without having the worry of surviving financially.


Our pastors are the lowest paid pastors of the general church. What we get from this project helps to suppliment these salaries.

ASKING for 2011: $200,000.00
ASKING for 2012: $200,000.00
ASKING for 2013: $200,000.00
ASKING for 2014: $200,000.00
Giving Online:

You can give to any of the ministries, missionaries and projects currently supported by The United Methodist Church through Global Ministries. Click below to go to The Advance website.

Through Your United Methodist Church:

Make your check payable to your local church. Write “Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference Parish Partners” and the Advance code number “583634” on the check. Drop your gift in any United Methodist church offering plate or give your gift to your church treasurer, so that your church and annual conference will get Advance credit.

By Mail:

Make your check payable to ADVANCE GCFA. Write “Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference Parish Partners” and the Advance code number “583634” on the check. Send your check to:

Advance GCFA
P.O. Box 9068, GPO
New York, NY 10087-9068

By Phone:

Credit card gifts can be accepted by phone. The telephone number is:

(888) 252-6174

Our Guarantee

100% of your gift will go to the ministry you choose. No exceptions.

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