Sager Brown Stories: Brittany Cuevas

y-ya sager brown 2We had the best time getting to know each other, I am so proud I have had the chance to participate. We all grew stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. I enjoyed sharing a space with the ladies Charlotte Johnson and Kathryn Allen. I know that they will be successful in life’s pursuits they already show leadership and grace. Charlotte displayed her musical talent during our Vespers (Evening) Service on the piano and it sounded lovely. Miss Kathryn Allen and Zack Lopez participated as servers for Communion. Zack had the giggles all the way home, by the way! But that made us happy we miss him already. And you may not know it but Mr. C.J Gray was the main reason Zack Lopez was laughing the whole time. He is quite the storyteller and singer. C.J. Gray lead a tribal hymn at the Service as well “Cesvs Purke Likan”.

Our new friends and family from FUMC Dixon, IL really enjoyed us sharing our culture. Larimie Fixin he is an amazing speaker, he led our “Prayer for the People”. I loved hearing his stories and testimonies about Christ. You should go see/hear him preach if you ever get the chance or just talk to him, he is really something.

Pastor Sam Battiest, Jr. has a bigger smile and a larger pep in his step, he couldn’t be prouder.

I can’t imagine how much he has seen us grow. What a sight to see. As for me I helped lead the Vesper Service. I encourage more of us to go every year. You know our Mission Trip to UMCOR Sager Brown July 20-25, 2014 we touch people in the world through Sewing Baby Jackets, Arranging Health Kits, Bedding Kits.

In the community of Baldwin, LA we volunteered at Chez Hope, assembled Wheelchair Ramp Modules, and distributed over 600 boxes of USDA Food Commodities, and our friend from IL, Nancy, helped mow the grass on campus. She was an inspiration and encouraged all of us. So we were humid, hot, and sweaty at times but who knows how many lives we touched. “Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in Heaven” Matt 5:16

MVTO! Britteny Cuevas
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