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DWilson HS“The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference delegation first and foremost recognizes the Rev. David Wilson’s commitment as a follower of Jesus Christ. He has demonstrated thoughtful and strategic leadership while overseeing the conference for nearly two decades; he is a gifted fundraiser and a responsible administrator; he brings a unique understanding of diversity and inclusiveness; he has experience working at all levels of the church; he has faithfully advocated for not only Native American and Indigenous peoples, but also the empowerment of all people of color; and he has demonstrated his commitment to unity and bridge building for the betterment of the human family.” — 2020 OIMC Delegation*

The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC) 2020 General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegation is pleased to announce its endorsement of the Rev. David Wilson as a candidate for the office of bishop in the South Central Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church.

Wilson currently serves as the Conference Superintendent for the OIMC overseeing 87 Native American churches in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. In his role, he serves on the appointive cabinet and cares for the preparation and education of the 57 clergy and lay persons serving local churches. Wilson is a gifted fundraiser and helped the OIMC to establish a permanent endowment for pastoral leadership which has grown to nearly $3 million in just five years.

Wilson is a graduate of Oklahoma City University and Phillips Theological Seminary. He was ordained in 1995. He has served as Conference Superintendent of the OIMC since 2002.

While serving the full-time position as Conference Superintendent, he also served as the pastor of Norman First American United Methodist Church in Norman, OK.  During his tenure, he led the effort to build the first facility for the new congregation. Wilson has worked at all levels of the denomination. He currently serves as a board member to the General Board of Global Ministries. He has also served on the Connectional Table, the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, the General Commission on General Conference; and the Episcopal Committee for the South Central Jurisdiction since 2002. In addition, Wilson is a member of the Board of Trustees for Oklahoma City University where he has served as adjunct faculty since 1997; he has also served as faculty for the Course of Study Program at Perkins School of Theology for more than ten years; and he is also a board member for the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic. He received an honorary doctorate from the historical Bacone College in Muskogee in 2007. He was named the outstanding adjunct faculty at OCU in 2009. He received the John Edwards Leadership Award from AARP in 2016. He was named the outstanding Indian male of the year in 2015 from the Changing Winds Society in Oklahoma City.

Wilson is a member of The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and resides in Oklahoma City.

*The 2020 Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference General and Jurisdictional Conference delegation includes the Rev. Eli McHenry, the Rev. Margaret Johnson, the Rev. David Wilson; and lay representatives include Anne Marshall, Josephine Deere and Patsy Eyachabbe. 

73077067_2376415809074600_813301548405751808_nCLICK HERE TO REGISTER  | Deadline to register is February 27, 2020.

The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC) is now accepting registrations for its fourth annual Native immersion experience to be held March 11-15, 2020 in Oklahoma City. The experience provides history, context, and unique perspective on Native peoples in The United Methodist Church.  In addition, Oklahoma Natives proudly share their traditions and culture throughout the event.

“The immersion experience is important because it teaches you so much more than books can,” said the Rev. David Wilson, Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference Superintendent. Wilson says participants come from all over the United States to participate. “Meeting people face-to-face and learning about our ministries in the OIMC help people to better understand who we are as Native United Methodist.”

The experience is concentrated on three tribal areas which are within a two-and-a-half-hour radius of Oklahoma City.  On the first day, participants visit the Oklahoma History Center which includes information regarding the 39 tribes in the state of Oklahoma. The group then goes to Ponca City to visit the Standing Bear Park, which includes a 22-foot bronze statue of the Ponca leader.  The group will learn about Standing Bear’s role in determining the “humanity” of his people and Native peoples. The day wraps up with a panel discussion with tribal leaders from the Ponca Indian United Methodist Church.

On day two, participants are scheduled to visit the Washita “massacre” Battlefield Site in Cheyenne, Oklahoma. This is the place where General George Armstrong Custer massacred 30-60 Cheyenne, mostly women and children. The events took place two years after the massacre at Sand Creek where Col. John Chivington, a Methodist clergyman, ordered the cavalry to charge on 160 Cheyenne and Arapaho women and children.  Participants will tour the cultural center and take a guided walk through the area where the massacre took place, which is about 1.5 miles. The group will also visit the Clinton Indian Church and Community Center to hear a panel on the Washita massacre and what is currently happening among the tribal people in that area.

“It was emotional to remember the history and the people who died,” said Glenda Hill from the Desert Southwest Conference who participated in the immersion experience in March 2018. “The culture that they come from still continues today. It’s 150 years later and, thankfully, we are still honoring that culture.”

On the third day, the group will travel to an OIMC church for a traditional and authentic “wild onion dinner”. For generations, Native people have gathered wild onions in the spring and mix them with fried scrambled eggs along with several other traditional dishes. Sunday morning will be reserved for participants to visit churches in OIMC.

The registration cost for the event is $225.00 per person which will cover all of the meals and entry fees. OIMC provides a chartered bus during the area tours. Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Oklahoma City as well as booking their rooms at the Best Western Plus Saddleback Inn and Conference Center, 4300 SW 3rd in Oklahoma City. The costs of the hotel is separate from the registration fee. The number to the hotel is 405-947-7000. The rate is $69.99 for a single and $74.99 for double occupancy. Ask for the “OIMC Immersion event.”  The deadline to reserve rooms at this rate is February 19, 2020.

“We have had a wide variety of participants including both lay and clergy, volunteers, and United Methodists who just have a heart for Native ministries,” said Wilson.  He says if any participant needs assistance with the fee to contact the OIMC office. “Everyone is welcome to come and learn more about Native United Methodists and experience our culture and traditions.”

The deadline to register for the immersion experience is February 27, 2020. For more information contact the OIMC office at 405-632-2006 or via email at Dwilson@oimc.org.


2021 Immersion Experience Registration

  • The cost for the event is $275.00 per person which will cover all of the meals and entry fees for sites that we visit. If the cost is prohibitive for any, please contact me and we can work this out. The costs can be mailed to the office or can be paid on our website, www.umc-oimc.org. The cost of the hotel is separate from the fee. Please contact me at 405-632-2006 or via email at Dwilson@oimc.org for more information. The mailing address for the office is Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, 602 SW 35th Street, OKC OK 73109. .