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Application for Graduating High School Senior

seniorApplication for Graduating High School Senior

PURPOSE:  To assist in providing aid for graduating senior expenses of limited income Native American families in OIMC congregations.


  1. Applicant must actively attend a local OIMC church as verified on page 2 of applications (¶216 of the 2016 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church) and be of Native American descent. Attach copy of CDIB or Tribal Enrollment, or letter of tribal affiliation.
  2. This application is for graduating high school seniors only.
  3. Applicants MUST list all income. If income is left blank, application will not be accepted.  Household income limitation for eligibility is $32,000 per year.  Household income includes ALL persons who live in the same household.  Please attach proof of income (i.e. pay stub, child support, DHS, SSI, verifiable income, food stamps).
  4. Signature of both a School Official (i.e. principal or secretary) AND Pastor and Lay Leader or Church Council Chair are required on application. District Superintendents must sign the application for Pastors requesting school aid for their family.  Pastor signature of the local church attended is required.  Pastors include Lay Missioners.
  5. Graduating high school seniors may apply for a $250 grant to help defray graduation expenses. The first 10 eligible applicants will be accepted.
  6. Grants will be offered only once a year at the beginning of the Fall Semester. Separate application must be filled out for each student.
  7. All requested information for applicants must be answered: application will not be considered until completed. Must be postmarked by July 22, 2021Late applications will not be accepted.
  8. All signatures must be original, faxes will be accepted this year.
  9. PASTORS AND Lay Leader or Church Council Chair must sign the completed application.


Mail to:  Council on Local Church Ministries
Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference
602 SW 35th
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Application for Graduating High School Senior

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