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Bold print= changes in appointment, status of appointee, or circuit changes
LM: Lay Missioner
TBS: To Be Supplied

Extension Ministry

Assistant to the Bishop                                             David Wilson                         
Superintendent – Northern District                          Mike Svitak
Superintendent – Southern District                         Sharon Yeahquo
Director of Connectional Ministry                            Donna Pewo
Human-Animal Bond Ministry                                      Delana McNac
Executive Director, Native American
Comprehensive Plan                                                   Chebon Kernell
Director, Cookson Hills                                                Judy Deere

Northern District


Angie Smith Memorial                        TBS- Alvin Deer
Billy Hooton Memorial                        TBS
El Reno Indian Fellowship                 TBS
Mary Lee Clark Memorial                   David Little
Norman First American                      Justine Wilson                                    
North OKC Native American Fellowship    TBS
Pawnee Indian/Ponca Indian            Jimmy White
Wichita Mission                                 TBS- Frances Rathbun


All Nations UMC Commerce               TBS
Big Cussetah                                       Amy Tecumseh
Broken Arrow                                      Eli McHenry
Canterbury Chapel                              Meri Whitaker
Choska                                                LM: Phillip Sanders
Christ UMC                                        Judy Deere
Concharty                                          LM: Jim Chalakee
Davis Chapel                                     LM: Jamie Wells
D.D. Etchieson                                   Kristen Brown
Fife Indian                                          Jami Moss
Grant Chapel   /Kaney Chapel             LM: Josephine Deere
Haikey Chapel                                     LM:  Royce Wittman
Honey Creek/Little Cussetah               June Marshall
Kahbeah Fellowship                            TBS
Lawrence Indian/Kansas City Native American Fellowship       Heather Cole                                 Mutteloke                                           LM: John Lusty
New Hope                                          Sunrise Ross
Newtown                                            Margaret Johnson
Pickett Chapel                                   LM: Louis McGeeley
Seminole Hitchitee                            LM: Tina Ontiveroas
Springfield                                         Clarence Yarholar
Springtown                                          LM: Paul Tecumseh
Thlopthlocco/Wewoka                      July Tecumseh
Stilwell Indian                                      Debbie Humphrey
Tulsa Indian                                         Lawrence Robinson
Weleetka Indian                                   David Dunson
Yeager Mission                                    LM: Chris Frank

Southern District


Botone Memorial                                 TBS
Cache Creek                                        LM: Cecil Gray
Cedar Creek/Ware’s Chapel              LM: Dusty Miller
Huntinghorse                                     LM: Pat Waysepappy
J.J. Methvin                                         LM: Rudy Tartsah, Jr.
Little Washita                                       LM: Sue Burgess
Mt. Scott Comanche                         TBS-
Mt. Scott Kiowa/UMC Of Apache        Mary Irby
Petarsy Mission                                   TBS
Sherwood Tsotigh Memorial                LM: Rhonda Hejny


Bethel Hill//Yasho                             LM: Kim McKinney
Big Lick                                              TBS
Bobb-Myers/Old Cedar/William Anderson             LM: Lucy Durant
Boiling Springs                                  LM: Osborne Roberts
Bokchito                                             TBS-Edgel Samuel
Cane Hill                                              LM:  Linda Jacob                                
Chihowa Okla                                    TBS
Choctaw Academy/Goodwater/Kullichito                 Florence Williston
Dallas Indian                                       J. B. Jackson
Goodland/Kullituklo                            Rosa Baker
Good Springs                                      LM: Margie Jones
Grace Indian/McCurtain
Fellowship/St. Paul Talihina               David Warden
Hampton Chapel                              TBS
Johnson Chapel                                 TBS-Tom Moore
Mitchell Memorial                               Don Jacob
Nanih Chito                                        TBS
Pennington                                         LM: Henry James
Seeley Chapel                                    TBS
Sulphur Springs                                  TBS
Tohwali                                               TBS
White Sands Bennington                   TBS
White Sands Valliant                          LM: Ray Jessie

98944821_10207628983080089_3002014052063903744_nThe Navajo Nation’s medical needs include:
N95 masks
Face shields
Nonlatex and medical-grade gloves
Goggles and eye protection
Surgical and isolation masks and gowns
Tyvek coveralls
Surgical caps
Shoe covers
Portable pulse oximeters
Hand sanitizer
Disinfecting wipes and sprays
Alcohol-based wipes

Community needs include:
Disposable and fabric masks
Cleaning supplies
Liquid hand soap
Hand sanitizer
Paper products
Nonperishable food
Bottled water
Baby formula, diapers and wipes
Livestock feed
Pet food

Donations and supplies can be sent to:
Four Corners Native American Ministry
P.O. Box 400
Shiprock, NM 87420




memorial day banner

May 24, 2020 | Welcome to the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference’s Memorial Day Online Service. Special thanks to the Rev. Shirley Montoya for providing a message, prayer and Dine’ prayer song. Also, thanks to the Rev. Donna Pewo, the Eyachabbe family (Jason, Jariah, and Lynetta); the Greenwood family (Brent, Miwese, and Kennetha) for recording their contributions to the service.

Memorial Day Service

Service By Section

Opening Message by the Rev. David Wilson

Message and prayer by the Rev. Shirley Montoya, Four Corners Ministry

Dine’ Prayer Song by Anthony Lee

Ponca Memorial Song by Brent and Miwese Greenwood

Arapaho Hymn by the Rev. Donna Pewo

Choctaw Hymn by Jason and Jariah Eyachabbe

Memorial Day Sermon by the Rev. David Wilson

Pastor Photo Tribute and Native Hymn by Jalisa Ross

thank you pic

Click here to find complete list of needs for the Four Corners Native American Ministry.
OIMC will be delivering a truck load of donations in early June. For questions contact
the Rev. David Wilson at dwilson@oimc.org.


IMG_1449The 2020 OIMC Annual Conference that was scheduled for this June has been postponed due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus. Instead, a one day annual conference session will be held on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at First United Methodist Church in Henryetta. The address is 1212 South Lake Road in Henryetta.

Due to space at the church and the limited agenda, we are expecting only delegates and pastors for the conference session.

We will begin at 9 a.m. with registration. The clergy executive session will be at 10 a.m. The Annual Conference business session will begin at 11 a.m. The items of business for the session will be the approval of required items such as the 2021 budget, trustees and pensions report. We will also approve the slate of nominations for the upcoming quadrennium. We will close with the service of Holy Communion. The Conference will end at 4 p.m. Lunch will be served at the church.

The Southeast Region will host the 2021 Annual Conference session at Antlers, Oklahoma in June, 2021.

2020 Annual Conference Appointments

The 2020 OIMC Appointments will be released in early June and will be posted on the OIMC website and sent to pastors and lay missioners.  The appointments will be effective June 26, 2020.  The last day for any pastors or lay missioners, who will be moving, will be Sunday, June 21st. Moving day will be Tuesday, June 23rd.

DWilson HSBishop Nunn has announced the appointment of the Rev. Dr. David Wilson as the Assistant to the Bishop’s office for The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.  “Dr. David Wilson has served the OIMC with distinction as the Conference Superintendent.  I am pleased that he has accepted the new appointment to the Assistant to the Bishop office, which will allow him to focus on the most strategic things we must accomplish to strengthen our Conference,” Bishop Nunn said of the appointment.

The Rev. Donna Pewo has been named to the position of Director of Connectional Ministries for the annual conference.  Rev. Pewo has served as the Director of the Clinton Church and Community Center for the past seven years. “Donna Pewo has demonstrated excellence in her ministry.  She brings outstanding organizational, community building, and networking skills to the office of Director of Connectional MinistriDonna Pewoes,” Bishop Nunn said.

The Rev. Wilson has served as Conference Superintendent since 2002. He was also the pastor of the Norman First American UMC from 1995 until 2006, helping the church to build their current facility in Norman, Oklahoma. He has served in many other capacities in OIMC as well as teaching as adjunct faculty at Oklahoma City University and Perkins School of Theology for the summer Course of Study Courses. He is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.

The Rev. Donna Pewo has served as the Director and  Church and Community Worker at the Clinton Church and Community Center in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference and General Board of Global Ministries of the UMC.  She completed Course of Study at Perkins School of Theology in 2017. Along with her Clinton ministry Rev. Pewo also serves as an OIMC Permanent Licensed Local Pastor. She is also serving the Oklahoma City Native American Fellowship Ministry. Rev. Pewo is a member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma.  The new appointments will be effective July 1, 2020.

Bishop Jimmy Nunn has announced the appointment of two new District Superintendents for The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC), effective July 1, 2020.

The IMG_1514Rev. Sharon Yeahquo, Choctaw, will be appointed as the District Superintendent of the Southern area. The Rev. Mike Svitak will serve as District Superintendent of the Northern District. The Rev. Margaret Johnson will retire at the 2020 annual conference. The Rev. July Tecumseh will be appointed to serve an OIMC local church.

“I am excited that Sharon and Mike will be joining the OIMC Cabinet and I know they will provide great leadership to OIMC and our local churches,” he said. “They both have many years of experience in serving local churches across OIMC.”

Rev. Yeahquo is currently serving the Huntinghorse and Cedar Creek churches in the Southwest region. Her first appointment as a local pastor was at the UMC of Apache in 1998. Since that time she has served Huntinghorse, Mary Lee Clark, All Nations Fellowship and the Cedar Creek UMC.  Sharon was ordained as an Elder in 2016.

She is married to the Rev. Pershing Yeahquo, Pastor of the Prayer House Association, in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma.  She has a daughter Maria and son-in-law Richard Todd Sr., and three grandchildren.

The Rev Michael Svitak New Hope UMCRev Mike Svitak, Kiowa, is currently serving New Hope United Methodist Church at Dewey, Oklahoma. Mike began his licensed pastoral ministry at the Cache Mission in 1987. He has served Huntinghorse, Emerson Memorial, D.D. Etchieson, Ware’s Chapel, Seminole Hitchitee, Mt. Scott Comanche and Mt. Scott Kiowa United Methodist Church. He was ordained a Deacon in 1988 and an Elder in 2000. He has served thirty years in OIMC.

Mike is married to Carmen Svitak and has a daughter, Audrey and two sons, Jessie and Matthew. His son John Michael passed in 2007. He and Carmen have eleven grandchildren.