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  1. The applicant must be an active, full member of a local congregation in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference. The term “active” is verified by, the local pastor.  The term “full member” is per the 1996 Book of Discipline, ¶214 and 215.
  1.   The applicant must be a full-time under-graduate student enrolled and attending an accredited college or university.
  1. For continuing students, they must have a 2.0 grade point average to be eligible.


  1. A personal letter from the applicant. How the scholarship will assist her/his life’s goals, career choice, and what the planned course of study is.
  1. A Letter of Support from the Local Pastor: (if the applicant is a local pastor or a member of his family, the Letter of Support must come from the District Superintendent)
  1. A Letter of Acceptance from the school and a copy of the transcript for each year of award.


  1. Deadline has been extended due to Covid-19
  1. The Scholarship award will be Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250) per year.  Payments will be made in one payment at the beginning of the semester.  Awards can be given to the same applicant up to four (4) awards of $250.
  1. For continued eligibility, a full-time student must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average.


seniorApplication for Graduating High School Senior

PURPOSE:  To assist in providing aid for graduating senior expenses of limited income Native American families in OIMC congregations.


  1. Applicant must actively attend a local OIMC church as verified on page 2 of applications (¶216 of the 2016 Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church) and be of Native American descent. Attach copy of CDIB or Tribal Enrollment, or letter of tribal affiliation.
  2. This application is for graduating high school seniors only.
  3. Applicants MUST list all income. If income is left blank, application will not be accepted.  Household income limitation for eligibility is $32,000 per year.  Household income includes ALL persons who live in the same household.  Please attach proof of income (i.e. pay stub, child support, DHS, SSI, verifiable income, food stamps).
  4. Signature of both a School Official (i.e. principal or secretary) AND Pastor and Lay Leader or Church Council Chair are required on application. District Superintendents must sign the application for Pastors requesting school aid for their family.  Pastor signature of the local church attended is required.  Pastors include Lay Missioners.
  5. Graduating high school seniors may apply for a $250 grant to help defray graduation expenses. The first 10 eligible applicants will be accepted.
  6. Grants will be offered only once a year at the beginning of the Fall Semester. Separate application must be filled out for each student.
  7. All requested information for applicants must be answered: application will not be considered until completed. Must be postmarked by July 22, 2021Late applications will not be accepted.
  8. All signatures must be original, faxes will be accepted this year.
  9. PASTORS AND Lay Leader or Church Council Chair must sign the completed application.


Mail to:  Council on Local Church Ministries
Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference
602 SW 35th
Oklahoma City, OK 73109

Application for Graduating High School Senior

Bold print= changes in appointment, status of appointee, or circuit changes)

LM: Lay Missioner

TBS: To Be Supplied

Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference

2021 Appointments

Extension Ministry

Assistant to the Bishop                                               David Wilson

Superintendent – Northern District                            Mike Svitak

Superintendent – Southern District                            Sharon Yeahquo

Director of Connectional Ministry                             Donna Pewo

Human-Animal Bond Ministry                                  Delana Taylor McNac

Executive Director, Native American

Comprehensive Plan                                                   Chebon Kernell

Director, Cookson Hills                                              Judy Deere


Northern District


Angie Smith Memorial                                   TBS- Alvin Deer

Billy Hooton Memorial                                  TBS

El Reno Indian Fellowship                             TBS

Mary Lee Clark Memorial                              David Little

Norman First American                                  Justine Wilson                                               

North OKC Native American Fellowship    TBS

Ponca Indian/Pawnee Indian                          Jimmy White

Wichita Mission                                             TBS- Frances Rathbun


All Nations UMC                               TBS


Big Cussetah                                       Amy Colbert

Broken Arrow                                     Eli McHenry

Canterbury Chapel                          TBS                           

Choska                                                LM: Phillip Sanders

Christ UMC                                        Judy Deere

Concharty                                          LM: Taloa Gibson

Davis Chapel                                      LM: Jamie Wells

D.D. Etchieson                                   Kristen Brown

Fife Indian                                          Jami Moss

Grant Chapel   /Kaney Chapel             LM: Josephine Deere

Haikey Chapel                                    LM:  Royce Wittman

Honey Creek/Little Cussetah             June Marshall

Kahbeah Fellowship                           TBS

Lawrence Indian/Kansas City Native American Fellowship

Margaret Johnson                                          

Mutteloke                                            LM: John Lusty

New Hope                                           Sunrise Ross                                      

Newtown                                            Heather Jones

Pickett Chapel                                    LM: Louis McGeeley

Seminole Hitchitee                            TBS               

Springfield                                          Clarence Yarholar

Springtown                                         LM: Paul Tecumseh

Thlopthlocco/Wewoka                       July Tecumseh

Stilwell Indian                                    Debbie Humphrey

Tulsa Indian                                        Lawrence Robinson

Weleetka Indian                                  David Dunson

Yeager Mission                                   LM: Chris Frank


Southern District


Botone Memorial                                TBS

Cache Creek                                       LM: Cecil Gray

Cedar Creek                                      TBS                                       

Huntinghorse/Little Washita              Arthur Tsatoke           

J.J. Methvin                                        LM: Rudy Tartsah, Jr.

Mt. Scott Comanche                           TBS- Bill Foote

Mt. Scott Kiowa/UMC Of Apache     Mary Irby

Petarsy Mission                                  TBS

Sherwood Tsotigh Memorial              LM: Rhonda Hejny

Ware’s Chapel                                    TBS



Bethel Hill//Yasho                              LM: Kim McKinney                          

Big Lick                                              TBS


Old Cedar/William Anderson             LM: Lucy Durant

Boiling Springs                                   LM: Osborne Roberts

Bokchito                                             TBS-Edgel Samuel

Cane Hill                                             LM:  Linda Jacob                                                                  

Chihowa Okla                                   JB Jackson    

Choctaw Academy/Goodwater        TBS- Rosa Baker                 

Dallas Indian                                       J. B. Jackson

Goodland/Kullituklo/Kullichito      Florence Williston                                                   

Good Springs                                    TBS                           

Grace Indian/McCurtain

Fellowship/St. Paul Talihina              David Warden

Hampton Chapel                              TBS


Johnson Chapel                                   TBS-Tom Moore

Mitchell Memorial/Pennington       Don Jacob                                         

Nanih Chito                                        TBS

Seeley Chapel                                     TBS

Sulphur Springs                                  TBS

Tohwali                                               TBS

White Sands Bennington                    TBS

White Sands Valliant                       TBS                           














Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Last week, the South Central Jurisdiction released new assignments for bishops.  The timing of the new assignments is unusual because of the fact that neither General nor Jurisdictional Conferences have been able to meet at their original dates in 2020.  The postponement of these conferences has impacted the retirement, election, and assignment of bishops in the Jurisdiction.

Effective January 1, 2022, the Council of Bishops has assigned me to cover the Northwest Texas Conference in addition to the Oklahoma Area.  My responsibilities will increase from two to three conferences.  Additional changes in the South Central Jurisdiction include the assignments of Bishop Schnase to cover Rio Texas and New Mexico, and Bishop Saenz to cover both Great Plains and Central Texas.

What effects will this change have on the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference?

The Oklahoma Conference is blessed with excellent leadership.  The leaders already in place will continue their work.  I expect little change in my availability to the conference executive staff and the cabinet.

The major changes include more restrictions on my calendar and an increase in the number of my direct reports from fifteen in the two conferences to twenty-one in the three conferences.

What will not change due to this assignment?

There will be no changes to the conference boundaries, offices, cabinets, or structures of any of the conferences.  I will continue to meet with the executive staff, full and appointive cabinets, and the committees, commissions, and boards I currently serve.

There are no plans to merge the conferences.

I will continue to work through the Zoom platform, in addition to face to face meetings.

The assignment will be in effect until new assignments are made at the next Jurisdictional Conference, currently scheduled for November 2-4, 2022.  At that time, the normal cycle of electing, assigning, and retiring bishops will be done.

I count it a privilege to serve the Oklahoma Area and the Oklahoma Conference.  Thank you for your prayer, encouragement, and support.

May God bless you.

James Nunn


Bearing Witness in the Kin-dom: Living into the Church’s Moral Witness through Radical Discipleship

This Study Topic will be available Tuesdays: July 13, 20, 27, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm Central Daylight Time.

Class Leader is Sandra Blackbear-Ramirez

2021 Mission U Registration 2 - Copy 1

Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools

This Study Topic will be available:

June 29, Tuesday, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Central Daylight Time

July 1, Thursday, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Central Daylight Time.

Class Leader is Patricia Stoneroad-Waysepappy

2021 Mission U Registration 2