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“Circle of Life Call to Worship by the Rev. Judy Deere

By Rev. Judy Deere, Choctaw/Creek, Ordained Elder, OIMC

Leader:   We have entered into the new day, You O God, have given us the breath of life.

Response:  We rejoice!

Leader:  We breathe in the morning air, we hear the sounds of creation, we rise up to take our place in the circle of life.

Response:  We rejoice!

Leader:  Today as we move in the world as a part of creation, may we be in balance with all life, using only what we need, respecting the presence of others, maintaining peace.

Response:  We rejoice!

Leader:  You have given us the energy of the four winds as strength to overcome obstacles in our path, you have provided family and friends to encourage us, you have given us your powerful grace and mercy to sustain us.

Response:  We rejoice!

Leader:  Our journey in the circle of life is one of a people, handed from generation to generation, tradition to tradition.  Grant us the courage to take our place in the circle, to enter into harmony with creation, to continue our journey.  We ask your blessing upon our lives.

Response:   We rejoice!  Amen.

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