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OIMC Holds 2024 Clergy and Lay Missioner Gathering

OIMC Clergy and Lay Missioners attend the annual training in Oklahoma City on Jan. 19–20, 2024.

Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference (OIMC) clergy and lay missioners convened in Oklahoma City, Jan. 
19–20, 2024, for their annual gathering, centered around the theme of “The Sacrament of Baptism.” 

The event saw a series of spiritual activities and practical discussions aimed at strengthening the community and its ministries. The gathering commenced on Friday evening with a poignant reaffirmation of baptism, symbolized by participants dropping blue gemstones into a bowl of water while declaring, “I am baptized.” This ritual served as a powerful reminder of
their spiritual identity. The evening continued with the annual Covenant renewal service, a message from Bishop Nunn, and Holy Communion.

Discussions also included a review of the OIMC Exit Policy, ensuring
clarity and transparency in organizational procedures. 

Among the highlights of the event was a meeting of the Order of Elders, led by Rev. Eli McHenry. The group expressed gratitude to all who participated in the Christmas Store gift wrapping at Cookson Hill and proposed making it an annual tradition.

Bishop Jimmy Nunn and David Geimausaddle at the Clergy and Lay Missionary training in January.

Additionally, actions were taken to send flowers to the families of deceased
OIMC pastors and spouses, promote Sunday School attendance, and involve the Order of Elders Chair in the annual conference agenda for 2024.

Saturday’s sessions featured Christina Wolf from the SCJ/OIMC Archives,
emphasizing the importance of preserving church history and guiding attendees on how to apply for historical site recognition. 

Training sessions covered various topics, including CEU book club discussions led by Rev. Jami Moss, forms for background checks and mission requests led by Rev. Donna, and guidance for Lay Missioners provided by Bishop Nunn. 

Rev. Margaret Johnson shared the “OIMC Mini Strategic Plan,” encouraging
churches to engage in community connections, embrace cultural and tribal
language practices, and foster conversations with youth and young adults about their spiritual callings. The Mini Plan outlined actionable steps for churches to make meaningful impacts in their communities, such as organizing Indian dinners for first responders and donating to food
banks. Additionally, it emphasized the importance of incorporating tribal
languages into worship and nurturing the spiritual growth of young members.

The gathering concluded 
with a commitment to implement the Mini Plan, with reports of activities to be submitted to the conference office for evaluation. Plans for the upcoming year include deeper exploration and expansion of the strategies outlined in the Mini Plan, ensuring continued growth and vitality within the OIMC community.


Contact Information

Conference Headquarters
602 SW 35th
Oklahoma City, OK 73109
Office: 405-632-2006
Fax: 405-632-0209


Resident Bishop:

Bishop James “Jimmy” Nunn
1501 NW 24 Street
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106


Conference Superintendent:

Rev. Margaret Johnson


Director of Connectional Ministries: 

Rev. Donna Pewo


Administrative Assistant:

Linda Draper



Northern District Superintendent:

Rev. Mike Svitak



Southern District Superintendent:

Rev. Sharon Yeahquo