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OIMC Names New YouthCoordinator

Julia SpottedBird began her role as Youth Coordinator on Feb. 19, 2024.

The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference of The United Methodist Church is proud to announce Julia SpottedBird as its new conference youth coordinator.

SpottedBird, from Tahlequah, Oklahoma, brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to serving youth within the church. 

“Julia has wonderful leadership skills and qualities that can enhance the conference youth program,” said the Rev. Margaret Johnson, OIMC superintndent. She highlighted the impact of youth engagement, noting how participants of YOUTH 2023 had eagerly shared their experiences and knowledge with others in their local youth groups. 

“Many young people are ready and eager to move forward within their local church youth ministries,” she said.

SpottedBird’s roots in the community run deep, having been a lifelong member of D.D. Etchieson United Methodist Church. Her
familial ties to respected clergy members, including her grandparents the Rev. Jim and Judi White, and great-grandparents the Rev. Jimmie and Laura White, reflect a heritage of service and dedication to the church.

As an enrolled member of the United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians, as well as having Kiowa, Zuni, and Rosebud Lakota heritage, SpottedBird brings a unique perspective to her role. Her professional background as
an Indian Education Liaison for Muskogee Public Schools further equips her to understand and address the needs of indigenous youth.

Having previously been a member of the OIMC Conference Council on Youth Ministries (CCYM), SpottedBird is no stranger to the importance of youth engagement within the church.

She expressed enthusiasm for her new role, stating, “I am excited to work with our youth and help them in their own walks.”

The appointment signifies a new chapter in youth ministry for the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, offering a fresh perspective and renewed energy for the youth community.

The conference invites everyone to join in prayer as they welcome SpottedBird into her new position, anticipating the positive impact she will undoubtedly have on the lives of young people across the region.

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Resident Bishop:

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