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Patience, Faith, and Fellowship–Restoring Cane Hill UMC

Members of Cane Hill United Methodist Church in Atoka waited three years to find the right VIM team with skill sets that matched their needs for a church restoration project. In anticipation, they raised $3,700 to help with purchasing needed materials.

In March, friends from Christ United Methodist Church of Farmers Branch, led by Mr. Jerry Russell, began work on the entryway to the sanctuary, as well as rewiring electrical work and replacing light fixtures in the fellowship hall. This VIM team also restored El Reno Fellowship United Methodist Church previously.

According to OIMC Director of Connectional Ministries, the Rev. Donna Pewo, three Choctaw sisters maintain the buildings and church grounds. “These ladies are faithful servants of God who serve the church and also do outreach among the community of Atoka,” she said. Pewo added that as children, the sisters were taught by their parents to always put God first and to take care of His house and His people. Two of the sisters split the 10-acre mowing responsibility, each mowing 5 acres.

“Sometimes we lose sight of the importance of volunteer mission teams,” said Pewo. “It’s not all about the work but, more so, it is about the relationships formed and about learning from each other. It’s about being the Hands and Feet of Christ together.”

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