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The OIMC has approximately 6,000 members and 84 churches, with several of these congregations more than 100 years old. Oklahoma is the home to the majority of the congregations, however the Conference has one church in Dallas and three churches and one fellowship in Kansas.  Thank you for your interest. Please contact the OIMC office for more information.                                                                                                                                        

OIMC Disaster Response Teams Assisting persons Affected by Tornadoes           


The Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference is once again preparing its Disaster Response Team to assist Native American persons affected by the tornadoes that created such devastation across the area, including  Moore, Shawnee, Little Axe, Meeker and more.

The Disaster Response Team is made up of clergy and lay persons from the conference and from Native persons representing various agencies and organizations in the Oklahoma City area.  Our goal is to assist tribal families in a meaningful and purposeful way to address the immediate needs such as shelter, food, clothing and longer term life changing assistance such as the rebuilding of homes, and grief support.  Partners include the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic.

We have  already received support from our United Methodist Committee on Relief , local churches and concerned persons from around the country.

We solicit your prayers for those families that lost life, those that are recovering from injuries and the thousands that are displaced from their homes.  We also ask for your financial assistance that will support our efforts that are listed.

Our coordinator is Mr. Billy Hoskison, he may be contacted at 405-632-2006, or by fax 405-632-0209.

Thank you to the Trails of H.O.P.E. blog and the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indians for supporting Native families affected by the Moore tornado through the OIMC.


"With Our Voices"withourvoices.jpg

The OIMC is proud to make available online more than 21 traditional songs that serve as an historic witness of Native people.  The songs were recorded live during the June 2001 OIMC Conference in Preston, Okla.  If one listens well, and with the heart, he or she will hear words of hope and promise and feel the grace of God, shared through Native people to the church and to the world.  That grace is a gift of God. These songs are the Native people's gift to you.



Amazing Grace


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The Advocate July - August 2013

Benefit Gala and Silent Auction

A benefit gala and silent auction benefitting an endowment for Pastoral Leadership for the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference of the United Methodist Church has been set for October 10, 2013 at The Reed Center, 5800 Will Rogers Road, Midwest City, OK.  Silent auction will begin at 5:30 p.m. and will be followed with dinner and program at 6:30.  Tables are $1,000 and individual plates are $125.  A live auction will also be held and will include such items as a painting by renowned native artist Brent Greenwood who will be doing the painting live during the silent auction as well as a jewelry piece that will also be constructed live during the silent auction.  For more information contact the conference office.


A great short video to watch on church attendance.  http://www.churchleadership.com/attendance/

Children and Youth Worker Forms


COMMENTARY:  The Price of Repentance  Anita Phillips image
by Anita Phillips *

The 2012 General Conference will be a turning point for The United Methodist Church.  I'm not referring to budget discussions or organizational changes but to the planned “Act of Repentance to Indigenous Peoples” that will test the fragile relationship between the denomination and Native peoples.

As a Native American United Methodist I view the Act of Repentance as a double edged sword.  On the one hand, it will be a time when delegates to the top decision-making body of the denomination will stop and listen and, I pray, engage seriously in the reflection and self examination that repentance requires.

On the other hand, we have a long history with Euro-American brothers and sisters -- since first contact -- that leaves me and other Native Americans with little trust that true repentance will take place. (more)


OIMC 2011 Annual Conference Journal now available online.


ComputeReach provides computers to Native communities in Oklahoma


A Pittsburgh based company, ComputeReach, has supplied refurbished iMac computers to 4 sites in the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference.  The communities include Billy Hooton United Methodist Church, Clinton Indian Church and Community Center, Ponca City United Methodist Church and the OIMC office.

Photojournalist Ben Filio traveled with the ComputeReach volunteers as they installed the computers and experienced OIMC hospitality.


 Our Time To Be In Mission!
by Josephine Deere

For over fifty years the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference has been recipient of numerous Volunteer in Mission teams. Not only have these teams come to work, build, clean, repair but also to build lasting friendships. Now it is our time to be in mission! (more)




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