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May Worship Service planned by OIMC Young Adults


Two events aimed at talking about the presence of young adults in OIMC Churches were held last month. Young adults from various churches in OIMC gathered near Lake Tenkiller and the Chickasaw Retreat and Cultural Center to share their ideas and thoughts with each other. Conversations were centered on the need of our churches to…

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Winning at Work and Home Workplace Skills Event


Come and spend the day to focus on the importance and quality of relationships in your life! The OIMC Board of Laity is sponsoring the workshop, “Workplace Skills; Building Better Work Relationships,” on Saturday, March 7, 2015 at First United Methodist Church in Henryetta, located at 1212 S. Lake Road. The Center for Healthy Relationships…

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Sager Brown Stories: Charlotte Johnson

y-ya sager brown

My experience at the 2014 Sager Brown Mission trip was amazing. Not only did I get the opportunity to bond with my fellow OIMC members but I was also given the chance to revisit an old homestead that I was raised on for a few years. The car ride up there and back was something…

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Sager Brown Stories: Brittany Cuevas

y-ya sager brown 2

We had the best time getting to know each other, I am so proud I have had the chance to participate. We all grew stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. I enjoyed sharing a space with the ladies Charlotte Johnson and Kathryn Allen. I know that they will be successful in life’s pursuits they already show…

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Southeast Region Youth Organize for new program year


The Southeast Region Youth held their organizational meeting for the program year 2014-2015 by electing officers and sitting calendar dates. Elected to lead the youth for the new program year are: President, Victoria Reyes, Tohwali UMC; Vice-President, Erika Taylor, Goodwater UMC; Secretary, Andrew Amos, Tohwali UMC; Worship, Mika Taylor, Goodwater UMC; CCYM Representative, Valentina Reyes,…

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Northeast Region Youth Organize for 2014-2015


The Northeast Region Youth held their organizational meeting for the program year 2014-2015 August 2nd at Fife Indian UMC. They elected their officers for the program year and chose the theme for each of the rallies. Officers elected were: President, Julia Spottedbird, D.D. Etchieson UMC; Vice President, Blue Haase, New Hope UMC; Secretary, Freedom Coker,…

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Sager Brown Stories: Rev. Samuel Battiest, Jr.

y-ya sager brown 3

The following is a personal reflection of a mission trip I was privileged to lead July 20th through July 25th, 2014 to UMCOR Sager Brown located in Baldwin Louisiana. With me were three Young Adults and three Youth. I can only give a summary of the trip because I cannot even come close to relating…

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